Lucas Cruz

Lucas David Cruz was born in San Diego and was raised by his grandmother in East San Diego and Chicano Park. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from San Diego State University and an Associate’s degree in Arts and Humanities with an emphasis in Behavioral Sciences from San Diego City College. He was raised in the Chicano Movement where he was surrounded by elders who embedded in him the philosophy of self-determination, ignited his passion for Chicano history, and shaped his unwavering integrity.  Cruz is a proud and self-declared Chicano who implements goals and action points from El Plan Espiritual De Aztlan into all of his work and everyday life. Empowerment of present and future generations is at the forefront of Cruz’s goals. 

Cruz is the co-founder of Aztlan Libre Community Space and Gallery which serves as a resource for the local community. He is also the co-founder of several grassroots organizations such as Revolucionarios Aztlan and the Aztlan Youth Brigade. His commitment to our people can also be seen in his participation through action. From a very young age, he led and organized the Jose Gomez Brigade which is a part of the Annual Chicano Park Day Commemoration. As an activist, he has supported the security team of numerous organizations during events and protests. Cruz has also done his share of public speaking locally and throughout the Southwest sister territories that face the same struggle of oppression and colonization. He is a member of several organizations such as All For Logan, Raza Services Collective, and the Barrio Logan Planning Group where he serves on the executive board. Lucas also has experience advocating for his community in the California State Legislature through his prior position as the Senior Field Representative for former State Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez. The areas he served were City Heights, Logan Heights, Barrio Logan, Sherman, Shelltown, and Stockton.

Cruz has been a lifelong Chicano Park Steering Committee member and is now the Chairman of the Chicano Park Steering Committee since 2021 following his greatest mentor Tommie Camarillo. Tommie Camarillo was present during the 1970 Chicano Park takeover and has dedicated her life to Chicano Park as a member and chairwoman for over 35 years, she remains a member as the Chair Por Vida. For fifty-two years she has gathered an extensive archive of all things related to the Chicano Movement and the Chicano Park Steering Committee, the archives will be hosted at the Chicano Park Museum and Cultural Center for present and future generations. Cruz currently serves on the board of Chicano Park Museum and Cultural Center and will be overseeing the Tommie Camarillo Collection.