The Spirit of Chicano Park/ El Espiritu Del Parque Chicano


Bettie and Bonky discover a magical park located in a most peculiar place, under a bridge! They learn to love their new home in Barrio Logan, a neighborhood with a rich history in San Diego, California. Through the eyes of a mystical Señora they travel through a historical journey of a community’s struggle to build a park. They learn the true history of Chicano Park and the importance of finding their voice and taking action.

This historical fiction children’s book tells the dynamic story of the people of Logan Heights and world famous Chicano Park. It is bilingual in English and Spanish and includes short biographies of several community champions.

The Spirit of Chicano Park / El espiritu del Parque Chicano depicts the historic takeover of a small piece of land located under the Coronado Bridge in San Diego, California. The historic neighborhood of Logan Heights/Barrio Logan, a predominately Chicano community in 1970, took their picks and shovels and built a community park in opposition to the destruction of their neighborhood by eminent domain. It is a story of redemption and strength of a community seeking survival. Chicano Park, with its massive internationally acclaimed murals and famous Kiosco stage, was listed as a U.S. National Landmark in 2016.



Written by Beatric Zamora/ Pictures by Maira Meza

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