Local Artists Gallery

Adjacent to the Museum Store, the CPMCC houses an exhibit space that features artwork by rotating local artists. A new local artist is featured every four weeks, bringing captivating artwork that often highlights Chicano culture or takes inspiration from Chicano Park. Pieces are available for purchase, giving visitors a chance to take home a beautiful piece while supporting local artists. 

Artists Featured 2022-23:

Patricia Cruz

“It is our responsibility to seek ways in which to contribute toward preserving Chican@ culture. To preserve and respect what is ours. All of my pieces belong to my very personal Chicana experience. I come from a family of brown hues and indigenous features. Our skin has been our strength and our struggle. Our brown skin can be the aesthetic subject of paintings, but it can also represent the brown plights of Chican@s; from art, to movement, to life. This is my partial contribution.”

-Patricia Cruz

Excerpt from “From Aguayo to Cruz” @aztlanlibre

German Corrales “Butterfly Man”

A descendent of Purépecha native blood from Michoacán, home to the Monarch butterfly, German has lived in both San Diego and Tijuana. As a self-taught artist his interest in painting began in his late teens and has continued developing over the years. German’s paintings tell a story and arise from his passion for research and learning his beautiful culture. The colors and materials in his work including stone, crystals, feathers, indigenous textiles and wood reflect the richness of native history. German’s work goes beyond creating images and works of art. He shares his talents through teaching children’s art classes in San Diego and Tijuana as well as organizing mural projects at elementary schools in Barrio Logan and Sherman Heights. One of his most recent projects has been the Anastasio tribute mural in Chicano Park, the largest mural to date in this historic landmark.

Roberto Pozos

Roberto Pozos’s art represents his life experiences. Growing up two blocks from the border of Mexicali, Mexico, has influenced many of Pozos’s paintings. The evolution of his work over the last 45 years has gone from expressionism to abstract, while enjoying the freedom that comes with painting his experiences and interests. Pozos enjoys painting in acrylics, mixed media and doing his own photography. “I like to paint people and culture” he adds. Pozos’ inspirations are grounded in his Mexican-American heritage, and indigenous and cultural roots. Each painting has its own journey of colors and conclusions, creating a sense of connection and allowing the viewers to interface with each art piece. Pozos’s work takes the essence of the subjects rather than realistic representation. Recently, Pozos helped complete the Brown Image Mural in Chicano Park. 

Jasmine Garcia

Jasmine Iran Garcia is a Chicana artist from the frontera region of San Ysidro/Tijuana.  She worked in K-12 public education for over 20 years and is now a returning full-time college student majoring in architecture and design. Her source of inspiration comes from the power of motherhood, love, navigating through life, and all the complexities that come with it.  Jasmine has worked on murals and mural restoration projects throughout her artistic career, including Chicano Park. Acrylic on canvas is her preferred medium, but she is also exploring and creating digital designs on various platforms.  

Nicholas Aguilar

Nicholas Aguilar Jr is a self-taught Chicano artist and carpenter from San Diego’s South Bay. His preferred medium is Acrylic on canvas or wood panel. Nico draws his inspiration from the people, culture, and land/seascapes of San Diego and Northern Baja.  Nico also served as a dedicated Chicano Park Committee member for over 10 years.