Roger Talamantez, Treasurer

Roger Talamantez has 36 years of experience managing and developing information and telecommunications systems. After graduating from San Diego State University with a degree in Information Systems Management.  He held senior level executive positions in government, the private sector, and the University of California, San Diego. He was appointed President and CEO of the San Diego Data Processing Corporation where he led a staff of over 450 highly technical systems and support personnel and managed an annual budget of over $68 million.  The corporation provided voice, video, and data support to the City of San Diego and consulting services to other Federal, State and local agencies.  As an executive, He spearheaded innovative information technology strategies and systems; has instituted productivity improvement, benchmarking, and performance management programs; and has led corporate culture change strategies. In addition, he has served on numerous public, private and non-profit Boards and has been an active member of several professional associations.    


Roger was born and raised in Logan Heights.  His family resided two blocks from Chicano Park.  His sister Josie still lives in the house he and his family resided in from the late 1930’s.