Jesse Constancio

Lifetime of Commitment to Service:

In the words of Jesse Constancio, “My activism began during the mid 1960’s as a supporter and volunteer with the United Farm Workers Organizing Committee. We helped with picket lines, disturbing fliers for events and/or for educational purposes. The first formal organization I joined was Delta College’s MECHA, where I served as co-chair in 1972. We worked to raise Chicano consciousness and to help recruit new students into the college. Taking courses in Chicano Studies opened my eyes to the colonization and exploitation of our communities, which ultimately led me to commit myself to bring about constructive change like many others at the time. During the bloody summer of 1973, Farm Workers and their supporters were being beaten, arrested, and killed. Due to this, I left school to join the UFW as a full time organizer. As a full time organizer, we worked eighty to one hundred hours a week, for five dollars, and room and board.”

In 1973 Constancio transferred to San Diego State University where he recognized that he needed to dedicate his full time efforts to the movement. He joined the UFW San Diego Boycott Committee as a full time organizer where he was responsible for Logan Heights, Sherman Heights, Shell Town, and Golden Hills. At the age of twenty two, Constancio was transferred to Los Angeles to serve as a member of the Juan de la Cruz Liberation Brigade. Soon after, he became the Coordinator of the North East Los Angeles boycott effort. After winning free elections for farmworkers, Constancio transferred to the UFW Lamont field office where he was responsible for organizing union elections. In 1975, Constancio was selected to be a UFW Convention Delegate as a Ranch Committee member. Three years later, Constancio moved back to San Diego to contribute to several grassroot organizing efforts including the Chicano Federation Home Renovation Team, East County Organizer RABs, and later the Director of Community Organizing. After, he joined the Committee on Chicano Rights as a member of the Mesa Directiva and Lead Organizer (1979). In addition, Constancio co-founded Union del Barrio and served as Lead Organizer. Throughout his time in San Diego, he was involved with the Chicano Park Steering Committee. 

Constancio continues his fight for self determination as the current Vice Chair of the Chicano Park Steering Committee and a board member of the Chicano Park Museum and Cultural Center. Constancio ultimately believes that, “If we don’t take care of eachother, no one will,” and applies that perspective to his various ties to the community.



MECHA: Co Chair Delta College, Keynote speaker for statewide conference

UFW: San Diego State Student Organizing Committee, Full time San Diego boycott organizer Logan Heights, Sherman Heights, Shell Town

Los Angeles: Juan de la Cruz Liberation Brigade, Coordinator North East Los Angeles election campaigner, Lamont, CA. Field election organizer, UFW convention, ranch committee delegate,

Chicano Federation Home Renovation Team, East County Organizer, Director of Community Organizing

Committee on Chicano Rights: Board of Directors, Lead Organizer

Union del Barrio: Co founder, Lead Organizer

Chicano Park Steering Committee Vice Chair

Chicano Park Museum and Cultural Center Board of Directors


Home Builders Institute: Solar Instructor, National Coordinator, Program Manager for eight western states

Education: Delta College, Southwest College, San Diego State University Sociology

Hobbies: Profession Football Ultimate Fan Association, Football Tailgate Hall of Fame 2017